Posted on: 24th December 2016

The following research units also coordinate fusion projects for EUROfusion:

  • Department of Experimental Physics, Comenius University, Slovakia
  • Institute for Atomic Physics, Romania
  • Institute of Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy, Bulgaria
  • Institute of Physics, University of Tartu, Estonia
  • Plasma Research Laboratory, Dublin City University, Ireland
  • University of Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus

  • Slovakia has been associated with EURATOM since 2000. Fusion research in Slovakia has worked in areas related to plasma-wall interaction, and superconductor testing and development.
  • The “Combined Magnetron Sputtering and Ion Implantation” technology (CMSII) developed by the Romanian Fusion Association (EURATOM/MEdC) yielded the best quality tungsten coatings that have been used for the tiles of JET’s ITER-like wall.
  • Bulgaria has been associated with EURATOM since 2000, participating in the fusion R&D programme.
  • The University of Tartu’s, Institute of Physics coordinates Estonia’s fusion research for EUROfusion. In particular, the research group from the Institute’s Gas Discharge Laboratory have been part of EUROfusion projects.
  • Dublin City University, specialises in low-temperature plasma physics, where the plasma is not fully ionised and interaction with neutral species is important.
  • The main tasks of the research team within University of Cyprus have included magnetohydrodynamics, blanket design,
    code development for integrated modelling, modelling of transport, particle kinetics and turbulence.