Posted on: 17th December 2016

belgium-logoThe Belgian fusion research initiatives for EUROfusion are represented by the Plasma Physics Laboratory of Ecole Royale Militaire Koninklijke Militaire school (LPP-ERM/KMS) located in Brussels. The Laboratory carries out experimental and theoretical research on plasma physics and fusion energy within the framework of the European fusion research programme.

Research at LPP-ERM/KMS focuses particularly on the development of Ion Cyclotron Resonance Heating (ICRH) systems. The laboratory is known for the design of ICRH antennas, and research is conducted both in the experimental and in the theoretical domain. Theoretical studies revolve around the development of codes to design and simulate ICRH antennas operating under different scenarios and to quantify the actual heating of the plasma. Experimental studies have centred on fusion devices including, ITER, JET, and Magnum PSI.