Posted on: 20th December 2016

The public face of Spanish fusion research is the Spanish National Fusion Laboratory (LNF), located at CIEMAT in Madrid. Two pillars of LN F’s fusion research are the medium-sized stellarator TJ-II and Materials and Power Plant Physics and Technology.

TJ-II facts at a glance

  • Commissioned in 1998, it is an ideal platform for the development and testing of diagnostics, such as Doppler Reflectometry for boundary turbulence measurements, Heavy Ion Beam Probes for the measurement of electron densities, electric fields, and long-range correlations
  • Supports Wendelstein 7-X, a key device of the European Fusion Roadmap
  • For “ITER-” and “DEMO-ready” materials

  • The LNF offers a number of advanced experimental facilities, such as the Van de Graaff electron accelerator and the Materials Characterisation Facility for advancing fusion research