Posted on: 2nd December 2016

Max Planck institute for Plasma Physics’ (IPP) facts at a glance:
• Campus locations: Garching and Greifswald
• One of the largest fusion research centres in europe (workforce: ~1,100)
• Coordinator of EUROfusion and host to the Eurofusion programme management unit
• Operator of ASDEX Upgrade (Garching) and Wendelstein 7-X (Greifswald)

ASDEX Upgrade

ASDEX Upgrade is at the centre of Eurofusion’s medium size tokamak work package along with MAST Upgrade (UK) and TCV (Switzerland). It is the only tokamak in Europe with a completely metal-clad vessel wall. Thanks to their similarly-shaped plasma cross-sections, ASDEX Upgrade and JET form a stepladder to ITER for scaling experiments.

Wendelstein 7-X

Wendelstein 7-X is the world’s largest stellarator type fusion device. It has modular superconducting coils that enable steady state plasma operation, and test optimised magnetic fields for confining plasma.