Posted on: 23rd December 2016

The Institute of Plasma Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences (IPP.CR) has been the leading Czech research institution in the field of fusion physics for nearly 50 years. The main player in the Czech Republic’s fusion technology initiatives is the Research Centre Rež. The three main facets of the Czech Republic’s fusion initiatives are as follows: COMPASS Tokamak, Research Centre Rež, Research Centre PALS.

COMPASS is one of the few tokamaks with an ITER-like plasma shape; it contributes to scaling experiments for ITER. The flexibility of COMPASS and a wide variety of dedicated high-resolution edge plasma diagnostics make it an excellent device for addressing some of the key problems associated with H-mode physics. Its scientific programme is geared towards pedestal physics, isotope effects, control of runaway electrons, the effect of external magnetic perturbations on the plasma performance, and plasma material interaction studies. Education and training are also important aspects of the COMPASS programme.