Posted on: 15th December 2016

Danish fusion research within the EUROfusion scope is represented by the Plasma Physics and Fusion Energy (PPFE) Section of the Technical University of Denmark. The main fusion research themes of PPFE deal with physical and technical aspects of plasmas, and particular emphasis is placed on plasma turbulence, the associated transport, and fast ion dynamics.

Highlights of some of the contributions from PPFE

  • PPFE researchers installed two fast-ion diagnostics at ASDEX Upgrade. These measure the fast ion distribution function by means of Collective Thomson Scattering (CTS ).
  • Between 2003 and 2007, the CTS group at DTU developed a conceptual and preliminary design for a CTS diagnostic system for ITER under contract with EFDA.
  • PPFE contributes towards strengthening fusion education and training for physicists and engineers by offering courses in plasma physics and fusion energy.