Posted on: 3rd December 2016

The Dutch institute for Fundamental energy Research, DIFFER, is the Dutch consortium member of EUROfusion. DIFFER conducts leading fundamental research in the fields of fusion energy and solar fuels: converting intermittent electricity from renewables into fuels and other products. DIFFER
is actively building up a cross-disciplinary community for energy research in the Netherlands and serves as point-of-contact between fundamental research and industry. as part of this activity, DIFFER connects Dutch knowledge and technology institutes with the international fusion research
community. this includes diagnostics development, control engineering, materials research and remote handling studies at Delft university, Eindhoven university of technology, Twente university and the nuclear research and consultancy group NRG.

DIFFER is an active partner in addressing two of fusion’s main research challenges.
• Investigating materials under the extreme plasma conditions near the wall of future fusion reactors such as itEr by using the linear plasma generator Magnum-PSI
• Participating in international research on control over instabilities at the centre of the fusion plasma, developing plasma diagnostics, modelling, and control at the Eurofusion facilities JET (UK), ASDEX Upgrade (Germany) and TCV(Switzerland).

MAGNUM-PSI: The heart of the fusion research at DIFFER
DIFFER’s linear plasma generator Magnum-PSI is unique in its capability to expose wall materials to the punishing conditions that exist at the fusion reactor exhaust (divertor). With Magnum-PSI, DIFFER and its international users investigate and develop wall materials that can withstand divertor conditions in the ITER and fusion reactors to be developed in the future.