Posted on: 10th June 2016

A core function of EUROfusion, which manages and funds the European research activities, is to co-ordinate the training and education activities for European fusion research. The aim is to invest in building a strong fusion community that will not only continue to advance fusion research but also play a vital role in the future when fusion energy is realised. EUROfusion supports PhD and pre-doctoral candidates working on fusion research and has established research and engineering grants to fund the training of fusion engineers and scientists every year.

Two types of grants are offered under EUROfusion’s Education and training scheme:

      The EUROfusion Researcher Grants which supports about ten post-doctoral researchers or equivalent for up to two years, and


    The EUROfusion Engineering Grants which provide funding for around 20 engineers for a period of three years.

Profiles of some of the previous Researcher Grant awardees published on the EUROfusion website give an insight into their educational background and the kind of research work they do as EUROfusion fellows.