Posted on: 5th August 2013

Czech students build a tokamak

“Not even Germany or the US has ten tokamaks!” Milan Ripa from the Institute for Plasma Physics in Prague says proudly.  The Czech Republic’s ten tokamaks pictured here were manufactured for school outreach programmes by model company Pro Model Pruhonice, from photographs and discussions with Mr Ripa.

Already five groups – around 300 students – have had the chance to play with the 25 cm diameter models, which will travel to 26 primary and secondary schools throughout Czech Republic. The model divides into ten parts, giving students a chance to really see how a tokamak is put together.

The tokamaks are one product of Materials for the New Millenium (MAT21), a research and science popularisation partnership. Over a two year period MAT21 will produce a wide range of Czech educational and engagement materials, such as newsletters, videos and a website.

IPP Prague, which runs the COMPASS tokamak, is one of the partners in MAT21. MAT21 is led by R & D Company, Vitkovice; other partners are the Czech Space Office and the Company Assistance Centre. The project was funded primarily through the Czech government and the European Social Fund.

The Institute for Plasma Physics in the Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic, is the Czech signatory to EFDA.