Posted on: 1st July 2013

Young and old mingled last week at celebrations to mark JET’s 30th Anniversary, honouring JET’s rich history, its continuing role as the foremost tokamak in operation and its future challenges as a testbed for ITER.

“30 Years of JET – Paving the way to ITER’s take off” brought people from all sections of the fusion research community to Culham on 24th and 25th of June. Events over two days saw former staff share memories with their current counterparts, while stakeholders from the local community and the broader European context mingled with international journalists.

Those not attending in person were able to follow the presentations via video conference; including a large contingent of ex-JET personnel that gathered at the ITER site and conveyed their best wishes to the party-goers at Culham.

The focus was on the future and JET’s critical role in the development and testing of ITER design and operational scenarios; the group of journalists that attended went away enthused and informed that JET remains a big part of fusion’s future.


What they said…


“JET has created a culture of science and engineering across Europe that goes beyond fusion. It serves as an example to follow for other international projects.”

András Siegler, Director European Commission, DG Research and Innovation

“JET has provided so much to the design of ITER and has much more to contribute.”

David Campbell, Director for Plasma Operations, ITER Organization.

“To meet Europe’s energy challenge, we will need a portfolio of options. The potential of fusion power is almost unlimited and it is vital to get it on the grid. Thanks to JET, we know how to make fusion work. Testing technology on JET today saves time for ITER tomorrow.”

Francesco Romanelli, EFDA Leader and JET Leader.