Posted on: 24th June 2013

June marks the 30th anniversary of JET’s first plasma – the moment commemorated in the photo above. Amazingly JET at thirty years old is still at the forefront of fusion research, these days as a test bed for its successor, ITER – hence the theme for the celebrations: JET – Paving the Way to ITER’s Take-Off.

During celebrations people involved in JET from the very early days through to the present will assemble at Culham, to hear tales of JET and ITER’s early days, and their entertwined futures.

There will also be a reenactment of JET’s original pulse, using equipment from 30 years ago, juxtaposed with a modern pulse – hopefully more successful and clean than the original pulse’s extremely brief life.

And of course, to toast the success of toroidal geometry, doughnuts will be served!