Posted on: 18th February 2013

A major change of scene for the plasma physicists at Forschungszentrum Jülich, as they move from fifty-year old wooden barracks into a brand new custom-built building.

The building features some plasma-inspired sculpture, by Christophe Mancke, who won the competition for the accompanying arts for this federal building. Through its range of materials the two-ton steel and mesh sculpture “Intention-Intencija” explores the contrasts between the heavy structures of plasma experiments with the less tangible plasma itself, with its microstructures and fragile structure contrasts. A second part of the installation, “Time Window”, sits some distance away, representing the time axis for the delivery of fusion power.

In his inauguration speech, Prof Ulrich Samm, Head of the Plasma Physics Department, described the new building as a symbol of change and new perspectives. He expressed optimism about a deeper involvement with the ITER project. “With federal support, we have invested 12 million euros in building a team of developers for ITER, which gives us an enormous competitive advantage. We are confident that we will win a framework contract with Fusion for Energy to design a diagnostic device for ITER. Then, the investment would have been well spent. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.”

Forschungszentrum Jülich is one of three German signatories to EFDA.