Posted on: 11th October 2012

The quest for fusion relies on brilliant young minds to fuel the next generation of discoveries, which is one of the reasons why EFDA is a proud member of EIROforum. The latest brilliant young mind to benefit from EFDA’s support is 16 year-old Azza Faiad, from Egypt, who is a prize winner in this year’s European Union Contest for Young Scientists, run by EIROforum. Morten Lennholm  from JET joined the competition to speak to the young promising researchers and to deliver a talk about fusion.

Azza’s project explored methods for converting waste plastic into usable fuel sources. The jury in Helsinki were so impressed that they awarded her the EFDA prize, of a week’s placement at the JET facility in Culham, UK.

Congratulations Azza!

The interview was conducted during the EUCYS conference 2011 in Helsinki. The awarded prize comprised a  week’s stay at the JET facilities.