Posted on: 13th July 2012

The Director General of ITER, Osamu Motojima has praised work done at JET during a visit there on Wednesday the 11th of July. “It’s encouraging to see the results from JET’s ITER-Like Wall that have been achieved in such a short space of time” he said during a presentation to staff, continuing that  “ITER is dependent on the success of JET.”

Motojima-san visited JET with two senior staff, Director of Plasma Operation, David Campbell, and Senior Scientist in Plasma Confinement Alberto Loarte. To a packed lecture hall Motojima-san outlined ambitious plans to keep the ITER project on schedule, while Dr Campbell spoke of the science challenges for ITER. “We are keen to work very closely with the JET team on issues such as disruptions, ELMs and melting studies” he said. “The work JET is producing is of a high level. It is extremely impressive and will be important for the exploitation of ITER. I encourage you to carry on along the same path.”

An objective for the visit was to discuss possible future collaborations between ITER and JET.  At the last ITER Council meeting, it was agreed that ITER should join the IEA implementing agreement on Cooperation on Tokamak Programs.  The agreement provides a legal framework for participation of ITER Organisation staff in experiments on JET that are targeted at addressing specific issues of interest to ITER.  Thus, the Director General’s visit allowed timely discussions on how to deepen collaborations between JET and ITER.