Posted on: 14th October 2011

“The diagnostics are immensely clever! The elegance of the solution!” marvels Janis Smits, 19, from Latvia. He visited JET for a week, the prize awarded to him for his project in the 2010 European Union Contest for Young Scientists, entitled “Optimization Of Synthesis Conditions Of Lithium Iron Phosphate And Development Of A Thin Layer Battery”. Pictured above, he explores the spectrometers that process the signal returning from the LIDAR diagnostic system.

Janis spent his week getting insights into different laboratories on the Culham site. “Now I have a perspective on what hardcore science looks like” he enthuses. “To see what can be achieved with funds and human resources is immensely impressive. And everyone loves working here!”

EFDA wish Janis all the best as he returns home to continue his second year of University Physics in Riga.