Posted on: 29th April 2011

Your author has to apologise for an error that crept into last week’s Shutdown Weekly. This was caused by him being away on holiday, having written an article in anticipation of the completion of the in-vessel work. The period around Easter and the early May holiday has been a good opportunity to take a break and a lot of the staff have been away. Remote handling work has continued seven days a week, thanks to the dedication of the team, but the last few ITER-like wall tiles were not installed as quickly as expected.

The good news is that the last tiles are being fitted now as this article is being written (28th April), and it is hoped that they will all be in place very soon. This weekend we have public holidays on Friday and Monday, but critical work will continue. It is planned that the whole inner wall of the torus will be photographed in detail using the stereo camera. That will allow 3-dimensional information to be derived if we need it later.

Other work in the torus hall continues. This week’s photograph shows one of the heaviest diagnostic systems being lifted back into the torus hall. This neutron spectrometer, weighing 95 tonnes, has been re-installed at Octant 4. It is used to study the high energy neutrons created in the plasma and the huge shielding block enables it to have a very directional view of these neutrons.