Posted on: 11th April 2011

As previously reported (“Remote Handling goes 3D“) the 3D hype is on at the Culham Science Centre. Designer Russell Perry is developing 3D insights into the JET vessel. Some of us may remember the first appearance of red-and-blue glasses in the 1980s. At the time the expectations were high and the experience disillusioning. Many people threw the silly-looking glasses away; giving up with headaches.

More than thirty years later the techniques has been miraculously improved. Russell describes how to produce a 3D image from a usual 2D version: ”I use my initial 3D Studio Max model. I then create two cameras, set at an eye width apart which result in an image for each eye. Afterwards I convert the red and blue channels producing the image you see here. Everyone who sees it is fascinated, so much so I barely get any work done!”

The image went famous on Comic Relief day – a national charity day in the UK. Russell remembers: “We put a one metre version of the picture on the wall and raised nearly £100 by selling the prints and glasses. So thank you everyone for your kind donations”

Let’s hope that Russell isn’t bothered any longer by curious colleagues and able to further develop more beautiful 3D views into the machine.