Posted on: 25th March 2011

The Neutral Beam Enhancement (NBE) project has been featured several times in the shutdown weekly – most recently in week 56. This four year project to enhance JET’s main plasma heating system is drawing to a close now. For the first time in several years, all 16 positions for the beam sources (known as PINIs) will be operational.

The newly designed upgraded PINIs will now be all of the same type, working at 125 kilovolts and up to 65 amps. Each of these PINIs has been conditioned and characterised on the Neutral Beam Test Bed facility, located next to the JET torus hall. When they are conditioned with the normal working gas, deuterium, each PINI needs between 3,000 and 5,000 seconds of ‘on time’, taking up to three weeks of double shift operation. The last PINI is currently being conditioned, just in time for installation.