Posted on: 26th January 2010

On Friday 22 January Fusion experts have been asked to give their view on fusion research to the Italian parliament. According to the announcement on the Senate’s webpage “Fusion could radically change the way in which we produce energy and consequently the way we live.”

One year ago the Senate Committees on Scientific Research (chaired by senator Guido Possa) and on Industry (chaired by senator Cesare Cursi) have jointly initiated a parliamentary inquiry on fusion. Last Friday they presented the results and invited on this occasion a number of speakers to highlight the topic from a technical and strategic point of view. There was a general consensus that the inquiry was performed in an excellent and professional way. Francesco Romanelli comments:”The senate wanted to know where we are in fusion research. They asked me to give a presentation on the progress of fusion from JET to ITER. Overall it is important to underline that the attitude within the Senate Committees is favourable to fusion energy which goes in line with the Italian plans to construct new fission power plants as soon as possible.”