Posted on: 8th December 2009

The second semi-Annual Monitoring Meeting on Fusion Technology took place at the Joint European Torus (JET) from December 01-04, 2009. The meeting was aiming to monitor the tasks running under the Fusion Technology Work-Programmes.

The JET Task Force Fusion Technology (TF-FT) addresses issues related to JET and ITER. During the various experimental programmes conducted since the year 2000, the Task Force launched more than 152 tasks (including the ones foreseen in 2010) for a total budget of more than 23 million Euros. Twice a year the Task Force Fusion Technology is organising a Monitoring meeting during which each Principal Investigator is invited to report on the task for which he is responsible in order to review all the running tasks and the progress achieved in the various tasks during a half-year period.

picture of Fusion Technology group members - December 2009

This December about 50 participants from almost all European Associations attended the four-days meeting and presented their results and the current status of their tasks. Recently appointed Task Force Leader Paola Batistoni summarises: “Our Monitoring-Kick-off Meeting took place in a very special moment also for the Fusion Technology Task Force at JET: a lot of materials and monitors are being removed from the vessel in the current shutdown and several surveys and measurements are in progress, which will be analysed during 2010-11. At the same time we have prepared for the ITER-Like Wall program.”

The meeting started on Tuesday, and after the Welcome introduction presented by Dr. Lorne Horton, the Head of the Operations and Enhancements Department, Dr. Paola Batistoni, started the meeting off, explaining its purpose and importance into gathering together the scientists working for Fusion Technology.

I hope that in the next years more and more people from the whole European Fusion Technology community will join for a full exploitation of the scientific and technical output from the enhanced JET machine.

In the following presentation Dr. Nicolas Bekris, Responsible Officer for Fusion Technology at JET, gave an overview of all running tasks and explained the purpose and working areas of Fusion Technology for which it has been established nine years ago. Afterwards Deputy Task Force Leader, Dr. Joseph P. Coad gave an overview of the planned activities foreseen to take place during the JET ITER-Like Wall Shutdown and the possible contribution of the Task Force.

Finally this section of the meeting has been concluded by a joint presentation given by Catherine Soltane, Head of Administration at EFDA-JET and Dominique Barbier. They explained the underlying rules for an application to the Fusion Technology Call for Proposals  which is launched every year by the EFDA Associate Leader for JET and the financing aspects concerning the various types of contracts.

The meeting has been divided in seven sessions namely: Safety and Neutronics, Waste Management, Tritium in the Tokamak and Dust Issues, in-situ Diagnostics, Surface Analysis of Plasma Facing Components’s, Engineering and use of Lasers for in-situ Characterisation, and finally use of Test Beds and Material Transport .

During meeting there were about 48 presentations reporting on 29 running tasks including the 19 new tasks launched during the meeting (presentations can be found here give a link). Amongst the highlight of the meeting was also the Torus visit during which the whole group had the rare opportunity to walk around the torus machine and visit all the annexe installations found on-site.

Nicolas Bekris