Posted on: 9th October 2009

Although the JET team is preparing a shutdown that starts in a few weeks time, the programme for the 2011 restart is already a priority. The reason is that instead of being armoured with nearly indestructible carbon as it is today, the inside of the machine will then be covered with an all metal – and meltable – wall. This new “ITER-Like Wall” is an essential step in the support of JET’s successor, ITER.

With the ITER-Like Wall and an enhanced heating system – major tasks within the present enhancement programme – the subsequent experimental campaigns must be planned very carefully in order to work as safely and efficiently as possible. To assure this a new Task Force structure has been established. New Task Force Leaders have been appointed with the initial charge of preparing, during the upcoming shutdown, the operation of JET with the ITER-Like Wall.

Task Force E1

Task Force E1 will be responsible for the first operation of JET with the ITER-Like Wall during restart and for the progressive expansion of the operational domain closer to ITER-relevant plasmas. Rudolf Neu (IPP, Germany) has been appointed Task Force E1 Leader and Emmanuel Joffrin (CEA, France); Marie-Line Mayoral (CCFE former UKAEA, UK) and Marc Beurskens (CCFE, UK) have been appointed Deputy Task Force Leaders.

Task Force E2

Task Force E2 will be responsible for the exploration of JET with the ITER-Like Wall, exploiting JET fully to address in a systematic way the main scientific issues remaining for the preparation of ITER operations. Guy Matthews (CCFE UK), already Leader of the ITER-Like Wall project, has been appointed Task Force E2 Leader. Sebastijan Brezinsek, (Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany), Peter de Vries, (CCFE, UK), and Mathias Groth, (TEKES, Finland), will support him as Deputy Task Force Leaders.

Task Force Fusion Technology

The Task Force Fusion Technology is dealing with various topics including tritium handling, plasma facing components, neutronics and safety. Italian physicist Paola Batistoni (ENEA, Italy) has been appointed the new Task Force Leader. Paul Coad (CCFE, UK) has been reappointed Deputy Task Force Leader up to his retirement. In order to ensure an appropriate hand-over his successor, Jari Likonen (TEKES, Finland), is going to start his work as Deputy Task Force Leader in mid 2011.

All the selected candidates have strong scientific and technical backgrounds, experience in European and international projects, good knowledge of JET and proven leadership and managerial experience.