Posted on: 18th November 2008

“In China we take large scientific and technical facilities very seriously for our future development. China is very interested in developing collaborations in new technology to find clean forms of energy, and nuclear fusion is one of the most promising energy options. JET, as the lead fusion experiment in the world, is very important for the future of mankind. I was impressed by the research and scientific capability. We hope to move our collaboration forward.” State Councillor Madame LIU

picture of Visitors at JET 2008-11-19

State Councillor Madame LIU Yandong and the EFDA Associate Leader for JET, Francesco Romanelli tour the JET Facilities.

This morning, on Wednesday 19 November, more than 50 delegates of the People’s Republic of China visited the JET Facilities. The very high profile visitor was the State Councillor Madame LIU Yandong. She was accompanied by the Vice Minister for Science and Technology LI Xuejong, Madame FU Ying, Chinese Ambassador to the UK, and their Directors General and Private Secretaries. Three cameramen and two photographers from Chinese Press and Television documented the visit that lasted one hour.

In his introductory talk EFDA Associate Leader Francesco Romanelli underlined his hope that China would increase its participation on JET. As a result Chinese and European scientists and engineers would share and develop their experience for the benefit of ITER.