Posted on: 22nd January 2008

picture of Francesco Romanelli presenting the JET 2007 report and future programme

Audience in the Hans Otto Wüster Room at JET during Dr Romanelli’s presentation

On Tuesday 22nd January 2008, Dr Francesco Romanelli, EFDA Associate Leader for JET, presented the JET 2007 highlights and future programme in a seminar at the JET site. In his talk, Dr Romanelli outlined the recent news regarding fusion, the 2007 JET main results and events, including the activities undertaken during the 2007 shutdown, the 2008 JET programme and planning beyond 2008. In his concluding remarks, Dr Romanelli underlined: “The 2007 accomplishments have been excellent and the 2007 shutdown management has been a successful test in view of the 2009 shutdown. Now we need to strengthen the case for the JET prolongation with a successful 2008 experimental campaign”, and acknowledged the contribution of all those involved in the JET programme.