Posted on: 18th December 2007

In comparison with recent years, the process of elaborating the Experimental Programme of JET has been revised for 2008 to further improve the coherence of the Programme. The aim is to ensure a common understanding of the main scientific issues and to define the expertise required so as to achieve the highest level of integration of compatible experiments and thereby to maximise scientific success.

During the week beginning 19 November 2007, 150 scientists from across Europe met at JET for a General Planning Meeting. They identified the activities which should form the basis of the Programme of 2008, agreed on the main experimental elements required for a focussed scientific programme and developed them in sufficient detail that a draft experimental timeline could be established immediately following the meeting. The meeting also identified those scientists who could elaborate further the experiments, identified the modelling needs in support of the Programme and consolidated the High Level Commissioning of the ITER-like Ion Cyclotron Resonance Heating antenna which has been recently installed in JET.

The outcome of the General Planning Meeting allowed a detailed timeline to be established for Experimental Campaigns C20-C25 of the JET 2008 Experimental Programme. European and International fusion scientists involved in the JET Programme are now planning their participation.