Posted on: 28th June 2006

ITER event highlights opportunities for UK companies in big science projects

UK industry signalled its commitment to the €5 Bn International Tokamak Experimental Reactor (ITER) fusion project when over 230 people from approximately 175 companies, UK Trade and Investment, trade associations and regional development agencies and devolved assemblies attended last week´s “ITER Business Opportunities for UK industry” event organised by UKAEA at its Culham site in Oxfordshire.

The “ITER Business Opportunities for UK industry” event brought together many organisations including large civil and mechanical engineering companies as well as specialist SMEs to brief them on the status of fusion research and the significance of ITER in the development of an eventual commercially viable fusion reactor.

Professor Sir Chris Llewellyn-Smith, director of UKAEA Culham Division said “It is now widely recognised that no single energy source will meet all the earth´s future energy needs. Fusion power has a role to play as part of a portfolio of energy sources. Although significant physics and engineering challenges lie ahead, there are no obvious barriers once fusion has passed the threshold of viability. ITER is a key stepping stone towards establishing fusion as a viable source of energy. UK companies with their skills, technology and most of all their enthusiasm have shown at this event that they are ready to play a role in building ITER.”